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Best Technical University in Germany

TUM ranked once again as best German university in Shanghai

TUM_TopUniversityThe Technische Universität München has once again been ranked as the best German university in the latest Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking). It came in at 53rd place worldwide and held its position above all other universities in Germany, including the so-called “full universities.” In rankings by individual subjects, TUM placed 12th worldwide in chemistry and was unchallenged nationally in computer science. In comparisons of broader disciplinary areas, TUM was tops nationwide in natural sciences / mathematics, engineering sciences, and life sciences.

The ranking by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University evaluates the research achievements of universities worldwide. The assessment is based above all on publications in important journals and scientists’ citation ratings, play pokies as well as the number of scientists and alumni with Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals.

TUM ranked higher than LMU Munich (60th place), the University of Heidelberg (62nd place) and the University of Freiburg (99th place). None of Germany’s other technical universities made a showing above ranks 201-300. TUM was ranked fourth-best among all technical universities in Europe.

Chemistry at TUM advanced one more position from last year’s ranking and now stands, at 12th place worldwide, ahead of Oxford University. With respect to the broader disciplinary areas, TUM ranked among the top 50 in natural sciences and mathematics (43rd place) and was the only German university to place among the world’s top 100 in engineering sciences (ranks 51-75).

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by MrAeneas

Both of Sternglass' parents were Jewish physicians. The Sternglass family left Germany in 1938, when Ernest was fourteen. He completed high school at the age of sixteen, then entered Cornell, registering for an engineering program. His family's financial troubles forced him to leave school for a year; by the time he returned to Cornell, the US had entered World War II. Sternglass volunteered for the navy. He was about to ship out when the atomic bomb was detonated over Hiroshima.
After the war, Sternglass married. In Washington, D.C. he worked as a civilian employee at the Naval Ordinance Laboratory, which researched military weapons

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