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Outstanding service to study abroad

Maggie Blair-Ramsey, coordinator of the Engineering Study Abroad Program, congratulates John Foss along with Alex Diaz, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.The dedicated work of John F. Foss to create better world citizens has been recognized with the presentation of the 2014 MSU Award for Outstanding Service to Study Abroad to the long-time professor of mechanical engineering.

The prestigious university wide award recognizes Foss for his outstanding contributions to international understanding and to the global mission of Michigan State University.

The award was presented during the 24th Annual International Awards Ceremony, hosted by International Studies and Programs (ISP) at MSU in the Huntington Club in Spartan Stadium on March 26.

The ISP recognition honoring Foss reads:

“John Foss is the engine – and the heart – of one of MSU’s top study abroad programs. Because of his leadership, commitment, and dedication, the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) at Aachen, Germany, program continues to be one of the most popular in the Department of Mechanical Engineering 30 years after he helped establish it. It is also a model on which other study abroad programs in the College of Engineering have been built.

“John has taken a personal interest in all aspects of the program – from recruiting students and securing funding to helping cover their expenses, to establishing connections with researchers in Aachen. The ongoing support of his faculty colleagues – in their role as Cognizent Faculty for the student independent study projects – has been an essential part of this successful program.

“His research and teaching relationships with partners at Aachen’s RWTH contribute to the positive study abroad experience for MSU engineering students.

“The Aachen program offers students a life-changing academic international experience. They participate in state-of-the-art research projects in German research labs, engage with industrial partners, and learn the German language to help intensify their experience. At the core of the Aachen program are the independent study projects that students pursue in RWTH laboratories.

“Numerous testimonials from students attest to the program’s success, which they credit to their professor’s careful advising and planning. After completing their degrees, these students have the ability to contribute to the international marketplace in an enriching way that makes them better problem solvers, collaborators, and leaders in their industry.

“Over the past 50 years, John’s contributions to higher education and experiential learning at MSU are significant and lasting. Through his efforts, he has transformed the lives of many students, helping them become better engineers and better citizens of the world. It is fitting that John Foss be awarded this MSU Award for Outstanding Service to Study Abroad.”

The MIT Press Red Prometheus: Engineering and Dictatorship in East Germany, 1945-1990 (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and Technology)
Book (The MIT Press)
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Architecture studying in germany in bachelor degree?

I want to ask if Germany offer architecture for foreign students in bachelor degree,is it possible to study deustch there or I should get B1 in my country and then come there?

Of course you can study here as a forgeigner, it's just that you will have to be able to speak German since the program will be in German... Only a few universities offer Bachelor degrees in English and these are the private ones that charge you the same as in the states....

I can only speak for the uni I go to which is TU Dresden, here the uni offers intensive German courses for a semester before beginning the actual semester. It may be helpful to have some experience before you come along, I have to say that it would probably be easier to learn German while in Germany though so…

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