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Your options with a bachelor's degree

Bachelor's certificate, Foto: Friedrichs/DAAD

Your options with a bachelor’s degree

You are the proud holder of a bachelor’s degree. Now you face a very important decision – either you can apply for a job or continue studying to get your master’s degree. We asked three foreign students how they made their decisions.

by Sandra Friedrichs

Bachelor's certificate, Foto: Friedrichs/DAAD

Both decisions have their advantages and disadvantages. Getting a job allows you to earn money and gain practical experience while a master’s degree programme will increase your theoretical knowledge of your subject and improve your career chances. Malin Lövenberg, Bozhidara Hristova and Marc Hauck decided to go down different paths and are satisfied with the decisions they made.

Getting a job with a bachelor’s degree

The Swedish student Malin Lövenberg had known for a long time that she wanted to work in Germany. After the 23-year-old earned her bachelor’s degree in “Game Design & Graphics” in Sweden, she wanted to gain practical experience right away.

Malin, Foto: privat

Malin, Foto: privatBeing very creative, she particularly wanted to express her creativity through her work. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2012, she was employed at a video game company in Hamburg for one year as a game designer and scripter. Although she could only speak a few words of German, she didn’t hesitate to take this step. “I just love the games produced in Germany. Even if you don’t know the language, you have to go up to people and speak to them. It’s always better to say a few phrases in German than to apologise that you can’t speak the language.” For Malin, it was important to gain professional experience, earn money and become acquainted with her favourite branch in Germany. This decision enabled her to afford the living expenses in the pricey city of Hamburg – as a student, it would have been harder.

Bozhidara, Foto: privatA master’s degree for a better paid job in the future

Bozhidara, Foto: privat

Bozhidara Hristova decided to pursue a master’s degree. “To be honest, I would have never got my master’s if I had stayed in Bulgaria. But since I wanted to work abroad, I knew a master’s was indispensable for finding a good job later on.” The 23-year old student completed her bachelor programme in “Public Relations” at the Sofia University in Bulgaria and is now working toward her master’s in “Communication Management” at the University of Hohenheim.

Bozhidara is solely concentrating on her studies at the moment. She feels her master’s programme is definitely harder than her bachelor’s programme because the courses take up much more of her time. But she accepts having less free time if its means getting a well-paid job in Germany. All in all, she would urge other foreign students to earn their master’s degree in Germany. “If anyone decides to get a master’s, then Germany is the place to do it. The modern technical facilities, devoted professors and well-structured curricula are good arguments for getting a master’s degree here.”

Combining work and a master’s programme

Marc, Foto: privat
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Architecture studying in germany in bachelor degree?

I want to ask if Germany offer architecture for foreign students in bachelor degree,is it possible to study deustch there or I should get B1 in my country and then come there?

Of course you can study here as a forgeigner, it's just that you will have to be able to speak German since the program will be in German... Only a few universities offer Bachelor degrees in English and these are the private ones that charge you the same as in the states....

I can only speak for the uni I go to which is TU Dresden, here the uni offers intensive German courses for a semester before beginning the actual semester. It may be helpful to have some experience before you come along, I have to say that it would probably be easier to learn German while in Germany though so…

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