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GSP students earn top scores on Sprachdiplom

Not only do our students study hard they also actually sit down and take the test; even if it is scheduled to take place on a Saturday or during Spring Break. The ladder goes especially for our alumni: Agnes Rehr-Zimmermann and Annalise Helm (photo, l.) both took the DSDII test, the highest level of testing and the equivalent of a German Abitur-Prüfung in December and followed through by taking the oral part in early January. Meanwhile we have received word that both passed with very good results.

Congratulations!! Their German language skills now allow them to apply for a course of studies in Germany.

Our high school graduates were then followed by a group of teenagers who took their written DSDI-test during our Spring Break on Sat. March 22nd and went on with the oral part on Fri. April 11. Among them were Nicole Krenz and Bettine Rehr-Zimmermann (photo), Keegan Kaas, Isabella Amann, Jakob Hollenbeck and Miles Hoeckel. All of them were joined by alumni Gracie Closson, Hannah Smith, Daniel Sutherland, Ella Ansteth and Annika Peters currently enrolled at Sophie Scholl Saturday School as well as Jule Bauer and Anya Bennett from Gilkey Middle School.

As every year, our 5th grade students all routinely took the A2 level test in all four categories, listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, and passed, as usual, with flying colors.

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I'm semi-fluent in a couple of languages

by Aviator

I studied German for 4 years in high school, as well as a year of latin and still remember much of it. Because of a lot of business travel to latin american countries several years back, along with some self study via audio lessons I picked up some spanish. Funny thing is, that the locals wanted to use their english when I was there, so many conversations took place with them speaking in english and me speaking in spanih, substituting our own language when there were words neither of us knew in the other's language.
I also spent some time in England on business, and despite the fact we both speak english, there are differences

My father's parents spoke German

by ghoti

When they didn't want people to understand them. I studied it in high school, and then as a voice major in college I studied German again along with French and Italian. My mom studied Spanish a lot, and I used to live in some predominantly-Latino areas. Italian got mixed with Spanish so I can do OK but not great in either.
Gave me a pretty good background to research the net, but that company doesn't exist anymore and I've been stuck doing relatively menial work to get by.
If I were to study another language, I'd say probably Russian; lots of great songs and roles in that language.

Learn a language, any language

by pick_em

I took lots of Spanish in high school and college, and sort of have it down, but nowhere near fluent. I'd like to get to fluency in a different European language. German seems to be the easiest and one of the most widely spoken in Europe, but French is more widely spoken worldwide (and Spanish is obviously even more widely spoken, but I'm excluding Spanish, since I'd need to re-learn and master it, not start from scratch.) Since I sort of know Spanish, Portuguese might be easier than the others, at least for me. I'm wondering which language I should focus on learning, keeping the following priorities in mind:
1) Career advantage (German would seemingly win out here, but far more people speak it than, say, Dutch or Swedish, so speaking one of those could be advantageous

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