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English Studies in Germany

Posted on November 24, 2021 – 05:49 am

Study in English in GermanyFor those who want to study in Germany but prefer studying in English to learn two languages or because they know to less German to study in this language it is possible to study in Germany in English language.

More and more universities offer study programs in English language. Especially in the Master- degree English programs are widespread. But many Bachelor-programs are offered in English as well. These are often called International studies or have the addition International in their title. The programs economy and social sciences are offered in English very often but medicine, natural sciences and agricultural sciences become normal as well.
The study programs are not only hold in English language but also set value on international aspects and content.

For many international Students the study programs in English are a good opportunity to study in a different country and learn not only the national language in the free-time but also English during the studies. With these programs students that couldn’t visit a German language course before also get the chance to study in Germany. To study an English program it is normally not necessary to fulfill language requirements in German language. - Health Insurance for Foreign Students in GermanyThose who want to take the chance can search for the suitable program in two different ways. First they can look at the favorite university. The English programs mostly have English titles and therefore can be found easily. One can look on the webpage if the favorite university offers international programs in ones subject. Furthermore, one can look at the webpage of the DAAD ( German Academic Exchange Service ). They offer a list of all study-programs in English language in Germany. If one already has concrete ideas what he or she wants to study, it is also possible to search with a program offered by the DAAD. This searches for the suitable study program. It also gives the most important information about the study programs and the contents. The page also offers links to the webpages of the universities and study programs.

Oxford University Press Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (Studies in Jewish History)
Book (Oxford University Press)
  • Used Book in Good Condition


by poetic_justice

Google Russian Pyscotronic Zombie...
"Main goal of all these studies is to find new methods and forms of impact upon human psyche, to manipulate large groups of people and to enlarge the resources of human consciousness, Boris Ratnikov says"
What if the USSR tried to topple democracy and take over the USA?

Seeking job as a System and Network Admin...

by suadzarin2007

Seeking job as a System and Network Administrator, or PCs or ERP Technical Manager ...
First let me introduce you, my name is S.K. . A few months ago I came to the U.S. from Berlin / Germany, where I studied IT InformationÂ’s system's and network. My country was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I also graduated from high school to become an electrician. I moved in family in the U.S. and possess a Green Card, can also work across the U.S. without restriction.
After successful studies in Berlin / Germany, I worked as a management and ERP System and Network Administrator in the Private Clinic called MEOCLINIC GmbH

U.S. Commission on the Ukraine famine

by red-commie

Based its findings on on the work of Robert Conquest. He got his start with the Information Research Department of the British Foreign Office producing covert propaganda after WWII. He then wrote several books at the request of the CIA, then wrote Harvest of Sorrow with a grant from the pro-German, nationalist Ukrainian National Association.
"Leading Sovietologists reject Conquest's hunt for a new holocaust. The famine was a terrible thing, they agree, but it decidedly was not genocide.
"There is no evidence it was intentionally directed against Ukrainians," said Alexander Dallin of Stanford, the father of modern Sovietology

Here's the 5$ answer

by sugarboy

Find a 11th grade paper on germany in english.
or two or three.
and then run babel at it.(them)
read all three, and cut and paste a collage of the stuff you'd have typed, using the computer generated text and grammar, but be sure to add colloquail words and a spellinng error or two, as well as correcting passages of nonsense you didn't notice on the first read.
in spanish.
about germany.
11th grade social studies.
3 papers coallated, translated, and appended after editing for continuity of grammar.
if i ever meet you, razzed, that's $5.49, isn't it?

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