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How College and my Study Abroad Program Prepared me for a Life in Spain

Emails form part of my daily routine, and many who write are travelers looking for a great place to eat or see flamenco, asking about what to miss and what can’t be missed, and seeking information on where to stay in Seville or how to get around.

On my first trip to Europe in 2001, at age 15

Claire’s recent email stood out. At 17, she’s already dreaming of moving abroad once she finishes school. When I was 17, I’d already traveled to Europe twice and was hooked on the idea that I’d study abroad. The more I think about it, the more a life overseas made sense, thanks to the decisions I made in college and what seems to be a four-year beeline straight towards my final destination.

With her permission, I’m including a snippet of our conversation, as well as a longer explanation of how I got to Seville in the first place:

Claire D. writes:

I just started reading your blog a few days ago and I’m already hooked. I’m seventeen and ever since I visited last summer, I’ve been in love with the idea of living in Europe. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody else who has the same dream as me so I’ve been searching for information and advice from people who have experienced living abroad, which is how I found your blog. I feel like I have so many questions for you but I’ll start with your study abroad program.

I’ll be starting university here in Canada in September and I’m thinking about majoring in Global Studies. I know you mentioned that you studied abroad during your college education as well. I was wondering what you majored in and if it was related in any way to your studies of Spanish language in Spain.

I knew what I wanted to study from the time I was 12. My elementary school had a TV lab, and each sixth grade class got to produce a morning news program. My first assignment was interviewing other students about fire safety on the playground. As a kid with countless interests, being in a cubicle would NEVER be for me.


At the University of Iowa, I went into journalism, but we were forced to pick another major or concentration. Most of my peers chose Poli Sci or English. The reason I chose International Studies as my second major was because it was a DIY program, so all I had to do was argue my way into classes, prove that they had something to do with international studies, and I could earn credits towards my degree.

Christi and I lived with the same host family in Spain!

I enrolled in courses like Paris and the Art of Urban Life, Beginner French, Comparative Global Media and Intercultural Narrative Journalism. I have always loved travel, languages and media, so a concentration in international communication was a great fit for me, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed my coursework. I also chose to minor in Spanish because it was my favorite subject in high school.

University Alabama Press Diesel: Technology And Society In Industrial Germany
Book (University Alabama Press)

Study Abroad

by rocket242

Hi. I'm a sophomore in college right now and I'm starting to look into study abroad programs for next year. I have already traveled a lot -England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Greece, Spain, Portugal-- but I think that actually living somewhere foreign and going to school there will be a totally different experience. My problem is that I don't know where to go. I always thought it would be somewhere in Europe so that I could have the option of exploring different countries during the weekend since they are all relatively close to one another, but now I'm starting to think that I should be going somewhere more adventurous

Student travel career

by starkandy

I went on three study abroad programs in High School and four in college. I went to Seattle University where my father was a German Professor. I'm now a high school Foreign Language teacher
I went to school for free so that is how I could afford travel at a young age.
Trips high school:
Mexico Times two
I also studied Kindergarten in Austria and 2nd Grade in Austria
e-mail me if interested
Andrew Stark

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Faux Carnival
Good technical universities in Germany for Mechanical Engineering?

Hello, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student from Turkey. I want to study in Germany for a semester with the exchange program. What are the best technical universities in Germany for a Mechanical Engineering student?

I have done my practice at one of the reputable university in Germany , it is Karlsruhe University

I want to know abt universities in germany for doing my MS in mechanical engineering?

Also tell me about the procedure to get admission there and expenses there.

Have a look at the website of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). There you can find an overview of the programmes on offer and also information about the admission process, tuition fees, living costs etc.

Universities in Germany for ms in mechanical and automobile engineering?

Germany is certainly a good choice for engineering studies: the quality of education is world-class, fees and living expenses are moderate compared to other Western countries, and after completion of your studies you are offered generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. Rs. 5 lakhs (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required.)

For more details visit my blog at or write to:

Dr Chris G Kiem
Education Counsellor
German Study Centre Cochin (DSZ)

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