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Germany tuition fees international students

Why do international students pay higher fees than national students?

Coin towersAmong the world top ten universities, you’ll find 6 US and 4 UK institutions. They are also the most expensive ones for domestic students and international students. However, at this level of excellence, US universities, don’t make a difference between students for the tuition fees whereas UK universities do. Do you know why?

Learning has a cost for any student and for any country. The amount of the tuition fees depends mainly on political choice made by the states and governments.

Education can be heavily sponsored by public funds (Germany, France, Italy, Spain…) or call for private donations (USA, Canada..). Some countries offer free studies for students (Brazil, Denmark, Saudi Arabia..), others ask to pay large amount of money (USA, England and Commonwealth countries, China…) from students. Some offer a strong network of scholarships and loans (Sweden, Iceland…) and others don’t.

Students by origin for 2013-2014 academic year at BCU. Source: BCU.In the case of the world top ten universities, we can argue that MIT or Harvard have already reached such a high price that it would be improper to ask more money from international students. But still, in this context, the UK policy looks unfair.

Who decided it?

In England, international students started paying tuition fees in 1981.

The decision was taken by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, former Secretary of State for Education and Science (1970-1974). She opened the path to the Education monetization when she decided to apply tuition fees for international students in order – although it was not said in such terms – to compensate reduction in public financing.

The decision didn’t discourage the foreign students to register.

Later on, prime ministers have regularly raised up fees for international students as well as domestic students. In 1998, following a decision from the Conservative John Major, a annual tuition fee of £1, 000 was introduced representing, according to the government, a quarter of an average course.

More recently, in 2012, English universities were allowed to tripple the amount of fees from £3, 000 to £9, 000 for national students. Government has already foreseen a new increase for 2017.

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Marcin N
International Student Tuition Fees?

I don't understand why in some countries like USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK (mostly English-speaking countries), international students pay a lot more than local students. Some people say that it is because international students and their parents don't pay taxes. But in various European countries like Norway, Germany, France and some non-European, international student pay the same tuition fees as local students and they don't pay taxes or their tuition is so much cheaper like Poland, costing "nearly nothing".
The other thing that also bothers me is that those who were born in the US…

"Birth-tourism" does not get them in-state subsidized tuition. They must have actually resided in the state, with their parents paying state taxes, before they qualify for in-state tuition.

Countries choose how they use tax money from taxpayers. You cannot compare countries like Germany with Canada, for example. Furthermore, countries like Germany, Norway, etc, are not "free" even for citizens. They have fees, books, supplies, equipment, living expenses, etc.

Studying abroad is a luxury. You can go to school in your own country. Each country puts its own citizens first when it comes…

Which country is the best at offering low tuition fees to international students?

Like an almost full fee waiver and just accommodation cost that is affordable and not too out of range. For I belong to Pakistan and so you do understand that Pakistani economy is down for whatever reasons! I heard Germany is cool. Are there other too? Like French institutes? Do they have low tuition fees? And/or any other country? And at the UNDERGRADUATE level!
Thanks. :-)

Ya even I have heard abt Germany.. u can also try universities in Ireland.. i heard they offer almost full fee waiver to international students... :)

Germany offers free tuition for international university students?

For start off, I have a British nationality, but I live in China (incase it has something to do with my nationality or where I live). I heard from a teacher at school from Germany that their country offers free tuition for international university students. I would like to know if is true, under what circumstances, if it is only any particular universities, if it includes subjects design or architecture......things like that. Thanks

I think you are right. Have a look at the following sites. All of them.

Germany - Prospective Students - The University of Auckland
Information on entry requirements, special support, alumni, representatives, agents and clubs for prospective international students from Germany - Cached
Study in Germany
FREE International Graduate Europe. E-Magazine. Home > ... no tuition fees levied at German universities for either German students or foreign nationals. - Cached
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