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Schloß NeuschwansteinSalzburg @ night

Personal security & lifestyle

Germany is one of the safest places in the world. We enjoy an excellent standard of living in a safe and secure environment and welcome international visitors.

“I always felt safe in Bad Honnef….”

Germany has a superb system of trains, buses and trams that offer efficient and cheap transportation around the country. This allows for easy and affordable access to the university and to Germany's cultural life.

Set in the heart of Europe, students studying in Germany can quickly get to other European cities. Our high quality of life and excellent educational system attracts 180, 000 international students to enter German universities every year.

I feel saveBrandenburger Tor

Schloß Neuschwanstein

Strong German economy

The German economy is Europe´s strongest. It is the European leader in terms of growth, employment and export. It grew by more than 3% in 2010, an estimated 2.6% in 2011 and is forecast to keep growing strongly in 2012. This has created a record boom in employment. Skilled professionals are in demand, creating enormous employment and career opportunities.

International orientation

Germany's location at the centre of Europe means that it is oriented to international markets. German products are admired around the world.The level of its openness (relation of exports and imports to the GNP) rose from 55% to 80% between 1995 und 2010. Our economy is export driven and thousands of German companies enjoy relationships across the world – offering career opportunities to international students.

Brandenburger TorExtra opportunities due to demographic shift

Like most of Europe, Germany has a huge demographic problem. The birth rate is declining and a shortage of well-trained professionals is emerging. This is expected to accelerate after 2015. This is your chance! German companies are successfully established in all corners of the globe and will be looking for new employees the moment you graduate.

Immigration perspectives to Germany and the European Union

Due to this shortage of skilled professionals, the German government has relaxed its immigration laws. Graduates of German universities now have the right to stay in Germany to find work in the year after their graduation. After working for three years they receive a permanent work and residence permit. You can find more information about obtaining a work permit in Germany in the "migration check" section of the federal employment agency website.

They can multiply but they can't do math

by Helen_Back

U.S. Ranked Low in Math Literacy
Breaking It Down: Why Johnny Can't Do Math
Dec. 11, 2004 -- The biggest, baddest, richest country in the world. That's the way a lot of Americans like to think of the United States. But will it stay that way?
No. Not if a new international report is any indication. It made front-page news everywhere.
In a study of how good 15-year-olds are in math, the "big, bad" USA ranked 24 out of 29 countries. That's behind the Czech Republic. Behind New Zealand. Twenty-fourth out of 29!
That is whack! The study also suggests U.S. public schools, when it comes to math education, have been seriously "out of whack" for a long time

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International student, and a bit worried?

As an Egyptian undergraduate student, would Spain or Germany be a good place for me? I'm talking in terms or racism, safety, fair job opportunities, etc. No offence intended!

It is my first time to live abroad alone and I'm a little bit worried. Oh, also which city should I live in? I'm a night owl! :D I'm considering Madrid if I move to Spain, and Berlin if I move to Germany. But I read couple of Y!A posts regarding living in Berlin and some said that it is not a good choice.

And I'm agnostic atheist. Just for the whole religion conflict BS!

Germany would be better.

How are the living expenses in Germany?

An international student, besides the education expenses, will have to meet the monthly living expenses. This expense can be around 630 euros on average. One third of this is spent on house rent. This differs according to the place where you live

Can I work while am studying?

Earning money and studying at the same time is a part of everyday reality for many students in Germany. However, international students who do not come from EU or EEA countries are only allowed to work to a limited extent in Germany. In…

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