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Why Nepali students choose Germany for their higher education?

Why Nepali students choose Germany for their higher education?Many Nepali students choosing Germany for their higher education share that they have gained much more than what they had expected from that country.

Ramesh Khadka, 26, has been living in Germany for two years, doing M Sc in Biology from Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf (HHU). He wanted an international degree from a European university, and after finding out that Germany is less costly than other Northern European countries, he decided to get his Master’s degree from there. He believes that the quality of education at the university he is enrolled in is satisfactory.

“In my university, there are many libraries. There’s unlimited access to Internet and studying is made easier through that. And labs are equipped with modern technology where we’re allowed to research as much as we want. Instead of traditional teaching methods, we always have to actively participate, which makes learning interesting, ” he shares, recalling the facts that make studying in Germany a unique experience.

He further adds that students aren’t allowed to skip more than three classes in one semester, otherwise they fail the course. So they are somehow compelled to study even if they are the laziest students. And with an additional advantage of ‘no tuition fee, ’ he seems even more content.

Another reason why foreign students choose Germany for higher education right away is because studying there means chances to travel to other European countries for the continuation of the courses. The universities there provide facilities of transferring the credits to partner universities located in different countries of Europe. Ramesh is planning to move to Scotland next semester and study one semester there. Everything will be organized by his university for him. This will help him gain great experiences at very low costs, he says excitedly. - Health Insurance for Foreign Students in GermanyPratibha Khanal, 30, has experience of working as a resident representative of the South Asia Institute of University of Heidelberg, Germany, in its branch office in Kathmandu for five years. She also recommends Germany to Nepali students aspiring to go to a European country for higher education because it is comparatively cheaper. According to her, in some cases, it is even cheaper than Nepal, such as for medical courses.

She further adds, “Though extensive hard work is needed to learn the German language in the first place, it’s worthwhile. Many classes are conducted in English at the universities there but when it comes to attending seminars and lectures of new and complicated topics conducted by German experts, study of German language will be beneficial.”
Learning the native language will also be essential while socializing in public, she suggests. She opines that learning the language will make it easier to learn the German way of living, and their culture and tradition.

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Pastel sweaters? When was the last time

by katcha

You went?
I've been all over as well, and didn't notice any of these things. The people had a much higher general level of education and better vocabulary than most Americans I meet (what was that study recently that showed a huge percent of Americans couldn't even point out part of Asia on a map?).
A lot of mullets in Spain...
As for meals, some of the most satisfying I've ever had were in Germany, Italy, Sweden, France...grilled tomatoes & ham, cereal, toast & jam, tea, juice is just the start of a "traditional" English breakfast :)

And finally

by Hunter

I would have to say that this is a positive quality, but you can look at a number of Southeast Asian countries and see that Chinese immigrants who total less then 10% of the population actually own massive amounts of the local economy. Of course you can also see that WASP-English types owned large chunks of the world at one time, still do in various African countries. I think one of the promises of the PR departments of Capitalism and Communism is that 'we all have a chance for a good life' etc. To me, the countries with the big middle classes, like the US at its best, Germany, Japan, Canada, etc offer a great deal to aspire to

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Higher education in germany.?

I want to take addmission in M.S in mech. engg in TU which exam i have to appear in and how much should i score to get a scholarship.
I m froM India and german is no problem.

1) Contact the International Center and the faculty responsible for your degree programme at the TU Munich via email and ask them.

Read the general information about scholarships for international students here:


I want to know abt universities in germany for doing my MS in mechanical oriented courses?

Ms in germany

With more than 350 institutions of higher education, Germany has one of the densest university landscapes in the world. Due to a unique combination of theory, research and application, German academic degrees are internationally highly valued and widely accepted.

Apart from its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, Germany has been a country of technological innovation for centuries. Gutenberg's movable type, Benz's and Daimler's automobile, Berliner's grammophone record, Zuse's computer or Brandenburg's MP3 files all bear testmony to this. It is the above inventers…

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