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Top University of Germany

Top 10 universities in Germany for MS? Their eligibility, fees and scholarship?

Admission Requirements

Germany has become one of the best place for study especially higher studies because of the low cost of education and high standard of education. The top universities of Germany for master degree course are:-

University of Heidelberg
University of Leipzig
University of Rostock
University of Greifswald
University of Freiburg
University of Munich
University of Mainz
University of Tübingen
University of Halle-Wittenberg
University of Marburg

Qualify in the entrance exams - GRE and IELTS. Some universities also test proficiency in German Language.

Approximate tution fees and hostel fees:-
Tution fees is not charged by most of the institutions.

Germany has the second oldest universities

by ZoeysDad

In the world -- only Charles University in Prague is older.
Hence, if you really want to go to school in Germany -- at a top university, you need to be fluent in German and have excellent high school grades.
I know of only one "English" university --
I am not recommending it, just helping you out.

My dad had an aggressive case of prostate cancer

by thedingoatemybaby

And is eligible for Medicare.
He's also a smart guy who does his homework. He lives within driving distance of two of the top 20 teaching university hospitals in the U.S.
One of them refused to perform a prostatectomy on him citing the "tumor board" there that had decided he could be better treated with radiation treatment.
So my dad referred himself to the top urologist at the competing top 20 teaching university hospital a few miles away. The chief of urology there was willing to perform the prostatectomy, though he said that if the operation was performed my dad might have to go through radiation treatment as a followup protocol

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