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Top University in Germany for Engineering

Top 100 universities for Engineering and Technology 2013-14

Or Materials Engineer:
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology can boast that it has helped to bring into the world (in no particular order): the fax machine; the transistor radio; Bose speakers; the global positioning system; the spreadsheet; Technicolor; air conditioning; Hewlett-Packard; the microchip; open courseware; and (of course) the World Wide Web.

So it is little surprise to learn that the 150-year-old US institution is the world number one when it comes to engineering and technology.

The establishment of MIT was promoted in the 1850s by geologist William Barton Rogers, who would become its first president upon its foundation in 1861, days before the outbreak of the American Civil War. Amid the US’ rapid industrialisation, Rogers had conceived the notion of a “polytechnic” institute focusing on technical and scientific education to support the nation’s development, in stark contrast with the Latin- and Greek-dominated university curricula of the day.

Indeed, MIT can lay claim to pioneering entire fields of engineering in the US, including electrical engineering (1882), aeronautical engineering (1914) and nuclear physics (1935), and it boasts nearly 80 Nobel laureates.

Read this, you may learn

by H1B

Imported brains: Alien scientists
take over USA!
The Economist
August 21, 1999
U.S. Edition
GIVE her your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to do post-docs and patent drugs galore; the wretched refuse of your
teeming labs shall find funding on this golden shore. Since the 1970s, a lot of the immigrants coming to the United States have arrived
with PhDs burning holes in their pockets

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