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Top universities in Germany QS

Student Life in Germany

But while the parties in California are awesome, (so awesome you won’t remember most of them) the reality is that you never really meet people there.

College parties in Germany are different: going to a bar with a group of friends, drinking a few beers and talking about stuff. Maybe you meet someone new. This form of partying is much more sensible for your health, wallet and brain. This is not to say that there are no awesome college parties in Germany; there are. It’s just not as common or positively looked upon to drink yourself into a stupor.

2. Be prepared for a slower approach to dating

Social life in Germany tends to be relatively conservative. It is not easy to work your way into the socializing network if you have a strong foreign accent (that can be true everywhere, but I found that in the US it was seen as a huge plus). If you want to date someone, you have to be friends with them first, because believe it or not, almost all relationships (even in college) are based on actually liking the person for who they are.

Student Life in Germany

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I've lived in Europe and worked in several countries there: Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovakia and Switzerland. Mostly, I worked at universities abroad, teaching international buiness. I also tour guided for 'Top Tours' showing American military members around Europe (England, France, Italy, Germany), and Kuoni (the 'Cook's Travel' of Europe), showing Americans Switzerland, Germany, Itly and France.
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Sumanth Reddy
I want to know abt universities in germany for doing my MS in electronics or communication?

I completed my want to do MS in germany.
can u plz provide me abt the application process and abt universities for electronics..

Dear friend,
The following universities in Germany offer Masters in Electronics & Communication.

* Technical University, Munich Germany
* University of Bonn, Germany
* University of Freiburg, Germany
* University of Goettingen, Germany
* University of Heidelberg, Germany
* University of Munich, Germany

For admission to Masters degree in Germany, you need to fill application form of the concern university(Form can be down loaded from University website),along with that you need to submit all academics, 2 Recommendation letters from teacher/lecturer & Statement of…

Should I study in a German University?

Hey. I am a Lebanese high school student and will be soon applying to universities. I have been studying in English since I was a kid and we have an excellent university in Lebanon( AUB). So, my original plan was to study in AUB( American University of Beirut), which is ranked 341 in QS rankings. However, my father has recently been implying that I should study in Germany as a degree their is much much better than one here, especially in engineering and technology( which is what I intend to study).

I've been doing some research and it turns out that the top universities in Germany are…

Well , let's see if u decided to study in a german universities :
1.In order to start something , you probably need to prepare in some sort of German language course in either your country or German. Probably take a few months or year..
2. You apply to German Universities . Assuming Lebanese's High school's diploma only take 12 years time, you probably required to spend a year in a Studienkolleg ( foundation course for foreign student who decide to enter ) .
3. Enter Uni .

That will probably eat up 2 years of your time .

I'm not gonna say "no don't go" , coz learning…

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