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Call for Application-PhD Scholarships at Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

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High-achieving and highly motivated young scientists from the fields Anglistics and American Studies, Germanic Studies, Japanese Studies, art history, history, history of medicine, science, history, philosophy, (medical) sociology, cultural studies, psychology, law, medicine and in business administration. The scholarships are aimed at PhD students, the dissertationtion projects in their interdisciplinary treat problems of the age . They have presence to reside. The Graduate School Age (s) and as a cultural concept and practice of an excellent academic education, an individual double differentiated services, domestic and cross-disciplinary discussion forums as well as an innovative and further qualifying program of study.

The Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf seeks to increase the proportion of women. Applications from women with equal qualifications, competence and professional performance into account, therefore, preferable, if not in the person of a competitor on balance in his favor. Applications from handicapped persons is required. The term of the scholarship is a maximum of 30 months. The salary is equal to existing scholarship sets the DFG. The graduate program raises the age limit to 28 years for the application as scholarship holders. Adjustments may be made at: Provided child care, extended stays or other biographical reasons.

Phd programm with low grades in master's?

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I'm really interested in doing a phd, possibly in the US, and I'm wondering what my chances are of getting into any school. I'm looking into management, possibly entrepreneurship. I'm a woman, if that makes any difference.
I am just about to finish a master of science in business economics at the highest ranked university in germany, graduating two semesters early, but have low grades.
the grades are average for my school but will look bad compared to the usual US grades. All research papers I wrote got grades way above average so far, but exam grades aren't good

Yes, no, maybe

by ----

"Any ideas of where this could get me?"
You might be accepted into a PhD program. Completing a Master's in Germany (assuming that you are not a native-German speaker) will look good. The grades are used primarily to indicate that you are serious about the topic, and can handle advanced coursework.
"I know I won't be able to get into a top school, but how competitive are lower ranked universities?"
Don't approach the universities with this sort of attitude. Going to graduate school in the US means that they chose YOU out of many applicants. Just because one school ranks higher than another does not mean your chances for acceptance are lower

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