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Commencement honors top students, faculty

CommencementCoverDuring its 128th Commencement, held May 9 and 10, 2014, Stetson University graduated 662 students; 171 graduate students and 491 undergraduates. At the Celebration of Commencement and three commencement ceremonies, Stetson University presented several awards honoring outstanding students and exemplary faculty.

William Hugh McEniry Award for Excellence in Teaching is considered Stetson’s most prestigious award for faculty. It is awarded to a faculty member chosen by students and other faculty. Excellence in classroom teaching is the primary criterion, though other factors, such as intellectual growth, professional competency, academic activities outside the classroom, and service to students and the university as a whole may be considered. The recipient of this year’s McEniry Award is Eric Kurlander, Ph.D. (pictured below right), professor and chair of history. The award was presented at the Saturday commencement ceremony by Harry Price, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, and last year’s recipient of this award.

KurlanderMcEniry-resizedWith a Ph.D. in modern European history from Harvard University, Kurlander teaches classes on modern German, European and world history. Since his appointment at Stetson in 2001, Kurlander has been “one of Stetson’s most prolific and accomplished scholars, ” according to a faculty feature written in 2012 by Karen Kaivola, Ph.D., former English professor and associate provost at Stetson.DeDon-Sullivan Kurlander has received numerous Stetson summer grants, and was presented the Hand Award for Scholarly Achievement in 2006. He has held several fellowships abroad: The Thyssen-Heideking (German Historical Institute) Writing Fellowship at the University of Cologne (2007-8); the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship for work in Bonn and Berlin (2007-8); and the Fulbright Scholar Grant, which he held while teaching at the Freiburg Padagogische Hochschule in Germany in 2012.

He is widely published, authoring four books, including two current projects: a textbook, The West in Question: Continuity and Change (forthcoming, Pearson-Longman), and Nazi Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich.

AliceLe-Sullivan EtterTurnerAward-2 Denner-HagueAward ROTC Brown
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The global conspiracy

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