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Top universities Germany Electrical Engineering

Top 10 Universities for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

2. Stanford University

traces its history of electrical engineering back to 1893, when the university’s first Professor of Electrical Engineering was instated with a focus on power station engineering. Today, Stanford’s faculty of electrical engineering divides its research scope into six categories: integrated electronic systems technology, photonics/EM/quantum, hardware/software systems, information systems, bio-electrical engineering, and energy/environment.

3. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Top 10 Universities for Electrical & Electronic Engineeringfaculty of electrical engineering & computer science boasts around 120 start-ups founded by faculty and alumni – so far. Current research areas include physical electronics, micro/nano electro mechanical systems, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and engineering, and control, intelligent systems and robotics.

4. University of Cambridge

Close behind these three US tech giants is the UK’s University of Cambridge, where the electrical engineering faculty has a strong focus on photonics, with three research groups dedicated to this field. Other key research areas include: solid state electronics and nanoscale science; power and energy conversion; solar cells and their integration in power systems; design of electrical machines and drives; radio frequency and microwave power for industrial applications.

5. ETH Zurich

department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering places a strong emphasis on biomedical engineering research, focusing on imaging technology and neural information processing. Other key areas include integrated systems, millimetre-wave electronics, electromagnetic fields and microwave electronics, automatic control, neuroinformatics and high-power electronic systems.

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