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Top Medical universities in Germany

Top Medical Schools in Germany

Following are some of the top medical schools in Germany:

Heidelberg University
- There are two medical faculties at Heidelberg University: Medical Faculty of Heidelberg; Medical Faculty of Mannheim. The Medical Faculty of Heidelberg is the oldest in Germany.
- Research activities at the Medical Faulty Mannheim are primarily focussed on four thematic areas: Oncology, Neuronal Plasticity, Vascular Medicine and Medical Technology.
- Heidelberg University is ranked 1st in Germany and 45th in the world for Life Sciences and Medicine (QS World University Rankings 2010).

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)
- LMU Munich is one of the leading research universities in Europe.
- The Faculty of Medicine consists of the University of Munich Hospital, the preclinical and academic facilities, and the clinical-theoretical facilities. It is the largest medical training institution in southern Germany.
- The faculty has achieved an international reputation and standard in both academic and clinical work.
- LMU Munich is regularly rated at the top end of national and international rankings.

Georg-August-University of Göttingen
- At the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, medical research and medical education on high level is done since the 18th century.
- Since 2003, the Faculty of Medicine offers the study programme of Moleculare Medicine with Bachelor, Master and PhD-Degree. The Faculty is also strongly involved in the postgraduate, international Study Neurosciences, Molecular Biology and Medical Informatics.

University of Freiburg Faculty of Medicine
- The University of Freiburg offers graduate students excellent conditions in the fields biology, chemistry, and mathematics. The University achieved top placements in European comparison in these fields in the 2010 Excellence Ranking of the Center for University Development (CHE).
- University of Freiburg is ranked 110th globally for Life Sciences and Medicine in the QS World University Rankings 2010.

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Top engineering universities in UK?

So i am thinking about to get admission in undergraduate so i want to go Malaysia and get the degree of UK or you suggest where i go to take the degree which is very useful in practical life

Is a credible UK university ranking for engineering. All undergraduate admissions to UK universities are via a central government agency called UCAS: option would be Germany - but there are only very few programs that are not in German. The quality of engineering education is very high though, and tuition fees are extremely low.

Top10 mechanical engineering universities in germany?

I am currently studying mechanical engineering 2nd year gpa 3.8, i'd like to continue my masters in germany
any suggestions?
i know it's a little bit early to think about it now but i like to keep my options open
thank you

The below web page will be of help.

World Top Twenty Engineering and IT Universities 2006?

Here are the best ranked engineering programs in the US:

1 Massachusetts Inst of Technology
2 Stanford University
3 University of California-Berkeley
4 California Institute Technology
5 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6 Georgia Institute of Technology
7 University of Michigan
8 Cornell University
9 Carnegie Mellon University
10 University of Texas at Austin
11 Purdue University
12 University of California- San Diego
13 University of California- Los Angeles
14 Texas A&M University
15 Princeton University
16 Pennsylvania State University
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