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Germany universities top 10

Most Affordable Cities for Students 2014

So each city offers the chance to study at an internationally recognized institution and to be part of a sizeable metropolis, with all the recreational and professional opportunities that can bring.

Some of these top 10 most affordable cities combine low tuition fees with generally low living expenses; others are in fact known for being pretty expensive places to live, but this is balanced out by low study costs. Half of the top 10 are in Europe, four in Asia and one in Latin America. It’s perhaps unsurprising that none are in the US, UK, Australia or Canada – all very popular among international students, but all known for charging high tuition fees.

Mary Evans Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of Heidelberg Univ 1870 from Mary Evans
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  • PHOTO JIGSAW PUZZLE This Photo Puzzle features an image of HEIDELBERG UNIV 1870 chosen by Mary Evans. Estimated image size 356x254mm.
  • 10x14 Photo Puzzle with 252 pieces. Packed in black cardboard box of dimensions 5 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 1 1/5. Puzzle image 5x7 affixed to box top. Puzzle pieces printed...
  • Image Description HEIDELBERG UNIV 1870 Heidelberg university students, members of the Allemana society .
  • For any queries regarding this image please contact Mary Evans quoting Reference 4305295
  • Image supplied and selected by Mary Evans. (c) Mary Evans Picture Library

Still not understanding what your point is

by ---

Your 2006 Newsweek rankings confirm what i've already told you. The 2007 rankings are only different by two schools.
So getting back to what we were originally discussing and how this began.. who has the best universities? Well according to my 2007 ARWU and your 2006 Newsweek rankings, US has 8 of the top 10.. according to your 2007 ranking, US has 6 of the top 10 (Harvard being the top school in the world in EVERY survey). Any way you look at it, your argument that Europe has better universities is wrong. In only one of the three, the UK (nothing in Germany) cracked the top five

What does it take to get into these schools?

by girlfromeurope

I´m interested in the following schools: the kennedy school of government, fletcher, SAIS (johns hopkins), columbia. all for a master (and possibly PhD) in international relations or something similar.
i have a german diploma (equivalent of a master of science) in business and economics, with a minor in politics (really just a tiny part of the whole education, worth 1/7 of my final grade). my grades are in the top 10-20% in politics and economics, the business grades aren´t too good. still above average, but not great.
i have lots of international experience, went to school in four different countries, studied in germany and will write my thesis in spain


What are the top universities in Germany?

What are the top universities in Germany?

Difficult to say since German universities are, at least as far as teaching quality and student quality are concerned, much more similar to each other than, say, U.S. or UK universities.

There is, however, now the so-called "Exzellenzinitiative des Bundes und der Länder zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Forschung an deutschen Hochschulen" which basically means that universities that are particularly research strong can get additional government money for research and graduate teaching. This might have had some spillovers into undergraduate teaching too.

Current "excellence…

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