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What is Instagram scoring and why do you need it

Posted on December 22, 2021 – 01:06 am

There's no need to be sly, many people come to Instagram for likes, popularity and followers. And the lion's share of active users for some reason still blindly believe in the correctness of the statement: the more, the better.

The number of followers has become the main measure of fame, but it is not so easy to reach an impressive index in social networks now. Someone prefers to be creative and entice newcomers with service and a cool content, and someone bets on not entirely honest methods of promotion. Are the boosts useful, and how does Instagram's management react to such tools? Let's look into it.

What is a boost in Instagram According to marketers, scamming is a universal evil, reducing coverage and ruthlessly spoiling statistics.

But if we move away from the lyrics, it is one of the methods of promoting an Instagram account. Usually, it's bots and inactive profiles that get subscribed to the page. The point from them, of course, is zero, because these categories are absolutely indifferent: they do not wait for your new posts, do not like and do not comment on posts. Their main mission is to create the appearance of quantity.

You can gain followers on Instagram in the following ways:

  • sponsor givas; subscribe to the profile of bots; 
  • conduct a likertime; exchange in activity chats; 
  • buy a page with subscribers. 

In this way, you attract a non-targeted audience, which means that your reach is automatically reduced.

What is the recruitment in Instagram

Types of recruitment The main types of recruitment:

Scamming subscribers. Artificial increase in the number of followers. Disadvantages: untwisted users may not be your target audience, with a greater likelihood after a while they will unsubscribe, such users are often not active on the page. Accrual of likes. The process of obtaining approval ratings of content in social networks. Of course, in an artificial way. Accrual of comments. Yes, now in Instagram it is possible to scroll comments. The mechanism is quite simple: you need to place a link to the post on the service, give the performers a task (how many words the comment should contain, whether emoji is needed, and so on) and specify the cost per execution. Accrual of views. Views is one of the most important indicators of activity and users want to increase this metric at all costs. Many people use views boosting to increase the popularity of their account and bring the publication to the top. However, if Instagram suddenly discovers that you are using third-party services with enviable regularity, your account will be immediately blocked.

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