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Postdoctoral Fellowship at KFG, Free University of Berlin in Germany

German Research Foundation The Research College (Kolleg-Forschergruppe)“The Transfomative Power of Europe” is funding postdoctoral fellowships in the area of comparative regionalism. The fellows should have their PhD deposited by the fall of 2014. Four fellowships are offered. Fellowship duration is 12 months which covers an annual stipend of EUR 30.000. The application deadline is 15 March 2014.

About Scholarship: The Research College “The Transformative Power of Europe”, Germany is now accepting applications for 12 months postdoctoral fellowship starting in October 2014 in the field of comparative regionalism. The following topics will be covered in this fellowship: regional cooperation and integration in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, adaptation of and resistance to European institutional models and policies in other parts of the world, diffusion of institutions and policies from other parts of the world to Europe and the EU including historical perspectives.

Study: Fellowship is awarded in the field of comparative regionalism.
Course Level: Fellowship is available for pursuing postdoctoral program at the Research College “The Transformative Power of Europe, Berlin.
Scholarship Provider: German Research Foundation through Kolleg-Forschergruppe (a relatively new funding program).
Scholarship can be taken at: Germany

Eligibility: The fellow is expected to have their PhD submitted by the fall of 2014 (September 30, 2014 at the latest).

Scholarship Open for: International students are eligible for this postdoctoral fellowship.

Number of awards: 4 postdoctoral fellowships are awarded.

Duration: The duration of the fellowship is 12 months (October 1, 2014 - September 30, 2015)

Value: The fellowship covers an annual stipend of EUR 30.000 (including travel expenses).

Notification: Successful candidates will be informed in early April 2014.

Apply: Following materials should be submitted: CV and list of publications, Proposal for a postdoctoral project, Transcripts of degrees and other relevant material, Two letters of reference. Please send your application by post or via email to:

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Other countries' education systems

by math4life

Are very different from ours. I don't know details concerning every country, but in many countries students are not given many choices. And their education system is stricter than ours. Our students are given choices and told they can do or be anything they choose. Students in other countries are tested early and trained to the occupation in which they tested high in - whether they want it or not.
I worked with foreign exchange students last school year and they were here from Germany for our senior year. They were going back home to another 1-2 years of school. We have much more freedom of choices than they do at home

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