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Free education MS Germany

Education is free in Germany

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In Germany the education is state funded. The system provide free education to thousands of students from all over the world. Students however have to arrange for living expenses & some other miscellaneous expenses.

At some universities you don’t need to pay tuition fees. While some charge around 500 euros per semester. Whether you have to pay fees or not depends entirely on the federal state and at the university you are studying. Costs that you will certainly have to pay each semester are the semester contribution and the health insurance premiums (around 280 euros). The semester contributions are due when you register (matriculate) at the university and then each semester when your re-register at the Student Office. Depending on university and federal state, these can amount to between 50 and 250 euros. At some universities, this sum includes a Semester ticket. This allows you to use local public transport in and around your university town without any extra costs.

Students who want to apply for free study in Germany need to meet tough criteria. Due to free education, competition is very high so only serious and competent students get this chance. Almost all main German universities offer courses in both English and German languages.

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BTW Euro education is changing ...

by ghodaza

Germany, at least, has had free university education for decades, but has been unable to fund it properly the last decade or so.
Free of tuition - still admin fees and books but much cheaper than here.
But that's changing, there's government plans afoot to start charging admission.
Now, Germany is the most technologically advanced country in Europe, so there's also pushback to keep universities tuition-free.
And CA, the most technologically advanced state in the US, had virtually free (dirt cheap) universities from after the war until the

We were talking about "comprehensiveness"

by dhogaza

At the Free University in Berlin two weeks ago when I was there - a student I chatted with there is working on the equivalent of either a Masters or PhD on the subject.
His thesis is that the low costs of a German university education balances out the easier entrance requirements of US universities and that in practice it's a wash in terms of access to people from various economic backgrounds (the "comprehensiveness" of my subject line).
Of course there's a political bias behind his thesis - Germany's debating dramatically increasing tuition costs.
Anyway ... interesting notion.

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