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Free Education in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Finland and Swiss

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Hi Everybody,
This is Sunil Reddy Mallela.
I have completed my masters degree in computer sciences from HEIDELBERG UNIVERSITY, GERMANY. I am working now, as a consultant for a number of consultants who are widely known for their reputation in Hyderabad.

Actually, I have started this blog initially in 2008. This was the first blog to educate the students about studies in Germany and Europe. The idea behind posting a blog was to interact with more no. Of students as this is the best social networking in day today life. And the content can be discussed easily with a large number of friends and thus check out the GENUINE in it.

But, unfortunately after i have placed my blog, some of consultants have copied this idea of posting the blog and a few, i found, have copied my blog itself. [Please check out the dates of blogs posted]. Don't believe everyone who say they were to Germany and know everything about the process over there. THINK A WHILE AND DECIDE WHO IS A QUACK.

I have now updated this blog to give a complete idea of education in Germany
Some people don”t know anything about Germany and other countries in Europe but they make you believe that they are the best in Hyderabad.

No one is specially appointed by the government of India. Every consultant including me are just licensed. Please beware

Advantages with my consultancy:

*9+ years experience in free education.
*I accept only eligible applications, i don”t want to waste your precious time.
*No initial payments(no hidden cost).
*Expertise in free education, Scholarships and PhD.


* Time taken for admission : 2-3 months
*Intake timings: MAR/APR and SEP/OCT.
* Students should have at least 60%(4years degree) in final degree.
* Courses offered:
MS in computer science, multimedia, networking technologies, Geo Informatics, Bio Informatics.

Masters in electronics, Embedded Systems, RF Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Chip Design, Communication, STM, Power Electronics, Automation, Energy Engineering.

Mechanical and Process Engineering, Mechatronics, Production, Material Science, automobile.

Bio Technology, Bio science, Bio Medical Engineering, Process Engineering, Energy Technology, Environmental, Water Resources, Chemical Engineering,

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BTW Euro education is changing ...

by ghodaza

Germany, at least, has had free university education for decades, but has been unable to fund it properly the last decade or so.
Free of tuition - still admin fees and books but much cheaper than here.
But that's changing, there's government plans afoot to start charging admission.
Now, Germany is the most technologically advanced country in Europe, so there's also pushback to keep universities tuition-free.
And CA, the most technologically advanced state in the US, had virtually free (dirt cheap) universities from after the war until the

We were talking about "comprehensiveness"

by dhogaza

At the Free University in Berlin two weeks ago when I was there - a student I chatted with there is working on the equivalent of either a Masters or PhD on the subject.
His thesis is that the low costs of a German university education balances out the easier entrance requirements of US universities and that in practice it's a wash in terms of access to people from various economic backgrounds (the "comprehensiveness" of my subject line).
Of course there's a political bias behind his thesis - Germany's debating dramatically increasing tuition costs.
Anyway ... interesting notion.

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