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University of Luxembourg

Free University of Berlin has got a motto: Veritas - Iustitia - Libertas what can be translated from Latin into English as Truth - Justice - Freedom. As we can see here the most vital word expressing the most essence of this famous university is Freedom.

If you go back to the time when the University was founded, and it was on December 4th, 1948, it was the post war time.

About we have also mentioned-you can read more about that period to understand better the situation and circumstances connected with Berlin.

You can understand what kind of time was it in Berlin and Germany in general. And at time of destruction and political split of the country students and scholars dared to think about and finally decided to found another university- the free one opposed to the other one which was declared to be democratic.

You can guess that the other university is Humboldt university of Berlin.

Politics is such a complicated thing that better not to enter its dark waters.

That is why we should just mention that as a result of those times when Berlin was divided into two parts- West Berlin which was called a free zone and East Berlin which considered itself to be democratic appeared Free University of Berlin.

The United States strongly supported the newborn university and generously donated it, that later Free University was able to construct several new central building complexes including the Benjamin Franklin university clinic complex and the Henry Ford Building, the central lecture building.

It is good that in a contemporary Berlin there are three universities and sometimes they say four universities including the University of Arts.

In any case that fact makes Berlin one of the biggest scientific and educational centers not only in Europe but also worldwide.

Students from all over the globe consider Berlin when looking for a good advanced education. And taking into account that high education in Berlin is very cheap or even free of charge, it is getting more attractive for German prospective students as well as foreign ones.

Nowadays all are busy with the Truth as was mentioned in the motto of Free University of Berlin.

The Truth, Science and Knowledge are ruling and are the main things in Berlin but not political opposition.

Free University of Berlin (or Freie Universitaet Berlin is the German way) having approximately 34, 000 students, is one of Germany’s largest universities.

It has distinguished itself in the field of the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and medicine. It has unique programs such as Jewish Studies and Dutch Studies and and regional institutes for North American Studies, Eastern European Studies, and Latin American Studies. Its “Dahlem Conferences” have a worldwide reputation as a forum for interdisciplinary exchange.

It should also be emphasized that Free University of Berlin is one of the leading research universities in Germany and has attained a reputation thanks to its modern and international character. It is the largest of the four universities in Berlin.

Three Rivers Press Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change
Book (Three Rivers Press)

BTW Euro education is changing ...

by ghodaza

Germany, at least, has had free university education for decades, but has been unable to fund it properly the last decade or so.
Free of tuition - still admin fees and books but much cheaper than here.
But that's changing, there's government plans afoot to start charging admission.
Now, Germany is the most technologically advanced country in Europe, so there's also pushback to keep universities tuition-free.
And CA, the most technologically advanced state in the US, had virtually free (dirt cheap) universities from after the war until the

We were talking about "comprehensiveness"

by dhogaza

At the Free University in Berlin two weeks ago when I was there - a student I chatted with there is working on the equivalent of either a Masters or PhD on the subject.
His thesis is that the low costs of a German university education balances out the easier entrance requirements of US universities and that in practice it's a wash in terms of access to people from various economic backgrounds (the "comprehensiveness" of my subject line).
Of course there's a political bias behind his thesis - Germany's debating dramatically increasing tuition costs.
Anyway ... interesting notion.

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