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Free education in Germany universities

How to Find Best Colleges or Universities for Free Education in

Higher Studies in GermanyGermany has turned out to be the most sought after destination for pursuing higher education. Every year thousands of foreign students visit Germany to study higher education. We provide all the information and help to the Indian students who want study in Germany. Rcare offers various assistance to its student’s right from selecting the desired University till the student gets settled in Germany. We have a team of expert who has core knowledge about the universities and courses in Germany. Rcare is also offering free education in Germany where the students will not have to pay any tuition fee to the university. Students have to bear only their accommodation.

One of the major advantages of studying in Germany is that the education is free in Germany. The German government takes care of the student’s tuition fees. The government of Germany emphasis on creating a better & global education environment. The German government has turned out to be one of the largest investors in research & development. Germany is world famous for its engineering courses and some of the top automobile companies hail from Germany. It is indeed a powerhouse when it comes to mechanical & automobile industry. This makes a great career prospective for the students to pursue a higher degree of engineering from Germany. Germany is one of the most financially stable countries of Europe which creates great job opportunities for the students. The international students are also permitted to work part time during their studies.

Rcare helps in guiding the students to search for the top university in Germany of their preferred courses. Selecting the course and the appropriate university is the biggest challenge for the students and should only be done with help of the experts of us. Once the student is sure about the course and the university we take the whole responsibility of the student. We apply on behalf of the students; we handle the visa process for the student, update the students with the requirement of necessary documents required for applying in German Universities. We do everything at our end to help ensure the application is carefully drafted and all necessary documents are presented well.

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BTW Euro education is changing ...

by ghodaza

Germany, at least, has had free university education for decades, but has been unable to fund it properly the last decade or so.
Free of tuition - still admin fees and books but much cheaper than here.
But that's changing, there's government plans afoot to start charging admission.
Now, Germany is the most technologically advanced country in Europe, so there's also pushback to keep universities tuition-free.
And CA, the most technologically advanced state in the US, had virtually free (dirt cheap) universities from after the war until the

We were talking about "comprehensiveness"

by dhogaza

At the Free University in Berlin two weeks ago when I was there - a student I chatted with there is working on the equivalent of either a Masters or PhD on the subject.
His thesis is that the low costs of a German university education balances out the easier entrance requirements of US universities and that in practice it's a wash in terms of access to people from various economic backgrounds (the "comprehensiveness" of my subject line).
Of course there's a political bias behind his thesis - Germany's debating dramatically increasing tuition costs.
Anyway ... interesting notion.


I want to know about universities in germany for doing my MS in computer science?

I am persuing btech final year in computer science, after completion of my btech i want to do MS in germany in computer science, so please tell me the details of the process and tell me whether i should attempt any exams like GRE TOFEL

Germany is certainly a good choice for studies in computer science: the quality of education is world-class, fees and living expenses are moderate compared to other Western countries, and after completion of your studies you are offered generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. Rs. 5 lakhs (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required.)

For more details visit my blog at or write to:

Dr Chris G Kiem
Education Counsellor
German Study Centre Cochin…

Brandyn Gabel
Universities in Germany that teach Computer Science in English?

Can someone give me a list of -if any- good universities in Germany that offer a bachelors in computer science in English? I am planning on learning German, but for now I need an English class, for my German is quite rough. Preferably in or near Berlin, and it needs to teach programming languages such as C++. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day!

"84 Bachelors in Computer Science & IT in Germany":

Doubt related to computer science masters in germany! fees,quality of education and job offers ?

1) can you tell the best universities that offer courses in English?
2) Is education free in germany?
3) what will be cost of living for a month in euro or $?
4) Is germen education standard is too high?
5) Is Information technology jobs offering in germany is good?
6) Can we find part time jobs just like US?
Please answer these questions if you have experiences about masters in germany .

If you have good marks, Germany is certainly an attractive option: English-taught study programmes, marginal fees, world-class facilities, moderate living expenses (for Western standards), good public security and generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. 9,000 EUR (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required, for some courses GRE). Whereas there are many graduate programmes that are fully taught in English, for undergraduate courses German language skills…

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