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Free College education Germany

Get a College Education for Free – Study in Germany

If you have a high school student in your family you are sooner or later confronted with the topic “What about College?”

As a good parent you attend all the informational meetings at your student’s high school and get acquainted with all the special steps that will finally lead into your child attending university. You might even visit some colleges and check them out. But at one point you will just freeze… That’s when you have reached the “Cost of Attendance” part online or during a college presentation.

Free University Education in Germany - Plan Ahead & Be Prepared

While still gazing in disbelief at these mesmerizing numbers that make up only one year of the college attendance fee, a little thought suddenly pops up in the back of your mind and with a sigh of great relief you remember: “Hey, my son/daughter is German. We send him/her to university in Germany!”

Nice thought. But not so easily executed…

Most German universities are free, yes! Only some universities in some states, like the Munich LMU (Ludwig Maximilians Universität) in Bavaria has a minimal fee per semester. The fees are usually around 500 € depending on the university.

You might be surprised to hear though, that just being a German citizen doesn’t make you qualify for entering the German university system. In fact most German universities won’t let your child transition from an American high school straight into a German university. German universities generally don’t accept a traditional American High School diploma as a qualification to enter a German university!

So in order for you take advantage of a free college education in Germany get ready for some thorough planning and this quite well in advance.

Is the Abitur the one and only entrance ticket for studying at a German university?

In short, having the Abitur is the absolute sure ticket to start at a German university right out of high school. Also having the International Baccalaureate by taking special IB courses during high school seems to ease the transition into the German university system, but only if one follows certain guidelines. Only then is the international baccalaureate accepted by German universities.

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I want to know about universities in germany for doing my MS in computer science?

I am persuing btech final year in computer science, after completion of my btech i want to do MS in germany in computer science, so please tell me the details of the process and tell me whether i should attempt any exams like GRE TOFEL

Germany is certainly a good choice for studies in computer science: the quality of education is world-class, fees and living expenses are moderate compared to other Western countries, and after completion of your studies you are offered generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. Rs. 5 lakhs (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required.)

For more details visit my blog at or write to:

Dr Chris G Kiem
Education Counsellor
German Study Centre Cochin…

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