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Education free in Germany

Education System in Germany

Free Education in GermanyThe educational system of Germany is underlying to continuous changes and reforms. Main point in the last years was the reorganization of the Gymnasium. The nine year education was changed into an eight year education to get the Abitur. Furthermore, the academic system had changed because of the Bologna reform. The degrees obtained are now called Bachelor and Master.

Studying in Germany requires the graduate degree Abitur or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. International students have to show a similar graduate degree. Until now it was not possible to build a central organization for application and award of university places. Because of this the applications still need to be sent to every university or advanced technical college.

The admission requirements are also defined by the universities. Therefore, they can be different for the same subjects at different universities. In Germany there are three different kinds of advanced colleges or universities. Arts, film or music advanced colleges offer practical education in the artistic subjects. Advanced technical colleges however, cover the scientific and social subjects. They also set value on practical experiences in their education. The third category is the so called university. They offer all different kinds of subjects. Practical experience is an important point as well but the universities are especially famous for their firm theoretical education.

Another differentiation can be made between public and private universities. Public universities are financed by the government and do not charge tuition fees or just small amounts of money. Private universities in contrast are financed by the fees paid by students and these can be quite expensive. In Germany can be found much more public universities than there are private ones. German law says that education should be offered to everyone and everyone should be able to afford adequate education. Therefore, in some areas tuition fees were abolished in other areas they are very small. Moreover, there are numerous possibilities to get help from the government, for example Bafög-money.

In Europe, they get lots of free stuff ...

by Bensonhurst_Eric

Free higher education,
free vocational training,
free lifelong medical, hospitalization, dental and vision,
free social security that starts younger than the US,
Yes, the Europeans pay a LITTLE bit more in taxes that we do, but they get so much more for that LITTLE extra than we ever could.
Seriously, we should invite some bureaucrats over from Germany, Australia, Norway, or Canada to show us how to set-up a system that works, so we can have FREE STUFFS too!

You are absolutely right in your assumption

by avatar99

Look at the media and their release of esoteric hogwash, meaning cleaned by pigs? The secret= law attraction, ooooh ahhh, the public buys it, unbelievable. Education 500k even more unbelievable. How about doing something for free for a change? oout of your own free will and someone elses imposed upon you? Look back into the reign of Nazi germany and its rule over the people the burning of books and the persecution of Jews. Why was he burning books? Jews? Why did e sleep next to the secret doctine at night? what was this delusion he suffered from? Then ask yourself what are we doing in Iraq? an

"Imperial Life in the Emerald City,"

by Wash_Post_Newsman

Some of the "before":
Government jobs -- in a state-owned factory, a ministry or the many security services -- "were plentiful and guaranteed you a salary for the rest of your life," writes Chandrasekaran. "Paychecks were low, but the cost of goods and services was subsidized by the government. Gasoline was sold for less than a nickel a gallon. Nobody paid for electricity, not even the state-owned factories that guzzled hundreds of megawatts. Every family received monthly food rations from the state. Education, even college, was free. So was health care."
In department stores run by the Ministry of Trade, Iraqis could find top-design footware, clothing, watches and accessories "at a fraction of their retail price anywhere else in the world

Jewish and Palestinian Boycotts

by ERehan

"The Boycott of Nazi-made goods and services is vitally imperative because Hitler has declared a war of extermination against the Jews. Starting in Germany it has branded the Jews as a corrupt inferior people, it has boycotted and confiscated their business and closed all avenues of economic livelihood. Jews have been ousted from the free practice of all professions in Germany. The schools of education are denied’ them; -they are expelled from citizenship, participation in sports" and even denied the right to reside in some towns…The Jews in Germany are in a trap and slowly being driven to suicide or slow starvation

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I want to know about universities in germany for doing my MS in computer science?

I am persuing btech final year in computer science, after completion of my btech i want to do MS in germany in computer science, so please tell me the details of the process and tell me whether i should attempt any exams like GRE TOFEL

Germany is certainly a good choice for studies in computer science: the quality of education is world-class, fees and living expenses are moderate compared to other Western countries, and after completion of your studies you are offered generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. Rs. 5 lakhs (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required.)

For more details visit my blog at or write to:

Dr Chris G Kiem
Education Counsellor
German Study Centre Cochin…

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