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University of Munich Germany Computer Science

Fellowship at the Department of Computer Science and

And computer science

Fellowship at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at University of Applied Sciences – München Munich, Germany

Established in 2007, the fellowship is a prestigious program offered by the University of Applied Sciences - München to foster international academic relations between guests from all over the world and our University of Applied Sciences.

The fellowship position is open to persons in all fields of study covered by the department of computer science and mathematics, which are
- Computer Science
- Information Systems and Management
- Scientific Computing / Stochastic Engineering
We invite outstanding academics working in any of these areas to apply. The designated time frame is from March 15 to July 15, 2012 - our summer semester.
Candidate’s Profile:
Preferably, the candidate should hold a position at the level of an associate professor or higher
(according to the US academic system) at a recognized tertiary academic institution (e.g. a
university or research institute). He/she should hold a Ph.D. and must be fluent in English.
Teaching. We expect the successful candidate to offer two courses of four teaching hours per
week each (a teaching hour lasts 45 minutes). The courses are to be taught in English.
The topics of the courses should belong to or be closely related to one of the areas mentioned
above, and complement our regular course offerings in our Bachelor and Master Degree
Research. The candidate should conduct applied research in some relevant area, and possibly
publish papers during her/his time as a fellow at the University of Applied Sciences - München. Fellowship 2012 2/2
Traveling Expenses. Traveling expenses between the place of residence of the fellow and
Munich will be reimbursed.
Living Expenses. The fellow will get a non-tenure contract. The remuneration will suffice to
cover the accommodation and living expenses in Munich, but is not a full salary adequate for
a professor’s position.
Application Process:
The application should comprise
-The summary form

-Cover letter
-CV (including areas of interest, teaching experiences, publications)
-At least two suggestions for courses *
-A possible research topic *
* A title and a short abstract (one paragraph) are fully sufficient.
Please send your application - preferably as a single pdf file - to Prof. Dr. Christian Vogt
cv at, Subject=Fellowship2012
University of Applied Sciences – München Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
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Call for "neuroethics" as brain science races ahead
Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:52AM EST
By Tom Heneghan
PARIS (Reuters) - Neuroscientists are making such rapid progress in unlocking the brain's secrets that some are urging colleagues to debate the ethics of their work before it can be misused by governments, lawyers or advertisers.
The news that brain scanners can now read a person's intentions before they are expressed or acted upon has given a new boost to the fledgling field of neuroethics that hopes to help researchers separate good uses of their work from bad.
The same discoveries that could help the paralyzed use brain signals to steer a wheelchair or write on a computer might also be used to detect possible criminal intent, religious beliefs or other hidden thoughts, these neuroethicists say

Exploring the Americas in a Humboldt Digital Library.(GEOGRAPHICAL RECORD)(Computer Center at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany): An article from: The Geographical Review
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I want to know about universities in germany for doing my MS in computer science?

I am persuing btech final year in computer science, after completion of my btech i want to do MS in germany in computer science, so please tell me the details of the process and tell me whether i should attempt any exams like GRE TOFEL

Germany is certainly a good choice for studies in computer science: the quality of education is world-class, fees and living expenses are moderate compared to other Western countries, and after completion of your studies you are offered generous stay-back and work options.

For one year of studies you need app. Rs. 5 lakhs (fees and living expenses included). Your marks should be above average and your spoken and written English fluent (IELTS or TOEFL required.)

For more details visit my blog at or write to:

Dr Chris G Kiem
Education Counsellor
German Study Centre Cochin…

Brandyn Gabel
Universities in Germany that teach Computer Science in English?

Can someone give me a list of -if any- good universities in Germany that offer a bachelors in computer science in English? I am planning on learning German, but for now I need an English class, for my German is quite rough. Preferably in or near Berlin, and it needs to teach programming languages such as C++. Thanks for your help. Have a nice day!

"84 Bachelors in Computer Science & IT in Germany":

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